IT Solutions for your business

By utilizing the expertise of our in-house engineers and technicians along with the partnerships we have with specialty support companies, PSTechnology is able to provide small to midsize businesses with services and solutions previously available only to large companies. Computer Networking Services of New Hampshire is a solution provider. This means we focus on solving any issues you may face by coming up with a customized plan for your technology environment.

Local Area Networks 
Design and Installation.

Network Servers 
Installation, configuration, and administration
(Windows Server 2008™, Small Business Server 2011™, and 2012 Server Essentials/Standard ™ )

Internet Solutions 
Email, web sites, e-commerce.

Desktop Applications & Suites
Tablets, Smart Phones, BYOD

Database & Contact Management

Accounting Solutions 
Financial management and software solutions

Groupware & Collaboration Software
Mail file (.PST) management, exchange server and advanced messaging solutions.